Growing up in Central London, Gary is the oldest of three children. Financially, very poor, like so many others in the 1960s, movies and music were a great way to escape from the hardship - even if only for a short time. Gary admits to often 'bunking-off' school to go to see a movie - "Rarely did I have to pay to go in". 

Gary knew at the age of 11, he wanted to act. He clearly remembers watching a movie he shouldn't have been watching, The Godfather, and that was the catalyst. "I knew for years that I wanted to be an actor, but it wasn't until I saw The Godfather, that it became a definitive need rather than a want. Quite simply, I needed to make people react the way I, and so many others react, when watching a movie, with all the myriad of emotions therein".


Family pressures meant Gary couldn't choose his own route, and then with marriage, mortgage and children, he forgot about his early dreams.


Fortunately, the needs and dreams combined with powerful emotions, were brought back to the forefront in early 2012, and this is where his story begins.


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